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Mobile Campaign Websites

Nov 28, 2015

Mobile search is on the rise so don’t make voters dig for your website, or scroll too far to find your contact information. Non-mobile-friendly websites cause voters to cringe and go to the next site, so keep your vital info near the top (phone number, address, hours) and make sure it looks great on a phone.

“It’s important for political campaign websites to understand what their mobile users are trying to accomplish”. “Mobile users are often looking for contact info, donation link, evets, ordering signs options and positions when visiting your site on mobile. It’s important that campaign websites deliver this info upfront and load fast for mobile users.”

User experience on mobile devices is essential to keeping voters happy and informed. Top-notch usability should be a priority, so if your website still isn’t optimized to work on smartphones and tablets, it’s time to make a change and choose

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