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Using the Internet for your Political Campaign

Sep 11, 2015

99% of political campaigns (for President, Governor, Senate, Congress, Mayor, etc) don't really know how to use the Internet in a productive way.

A new kind of campaigns, adapted to the 21st century voter, does know how to do that. And that's a difference that can be decisive.

What is the role of the Internet on an election campaign?

1. Not having Internet presence is literally suicidal. There's no need for further comments.
2. Having a website is NOT having an Internet campaign, it's a little part of that campaign.
3. A website it's not a Christmas tree, with little signs that turn on and off, twinkle and change color everywhere, killing the fragile attention of the Internet user.
4. A website is not a T.V. channel or a movie theater, with videos that take forever to download and usually add little or nothing to the campaign.
5. The web is NOT a photo album, or a pamphlet or a poster.
6. And it's not a diary, or a newspaper, or a magazine.

So what's Internet good for on an election campaign?
To promote on line and off line participation on the campaign.

To get a large number of people to receive and spread information, send e-mails to their contacts, make phone calls, attend rallies, make donations, visit their neighbors, talk to their co-workers, write a blog, upload a video, publish photos and give dynamism, initiative, ideas and creativity to the campaign.

That simple and that complex.

I repeat: Internet is not cinema, is not television, is not a newspaper, is not the radio. Internet is interaction. And it's values have to do with simplicity, downloading speed and way to facilitate participation.

Every means of communication has it's own profile and role on the campaign. On a previous article I analyzed the role of the election signs, now it's about the Internet

Let's leave the T.V. logic for a television campaign. Let's use Internet on the campaign, but with it's own logic

That's why I highly recommend using Snap Site - Political Campaign Websites

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