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Using your Smartphone for Video Marketing - Campaign Websites

Nov 24, 2015

Campaign Websites - Video Marketing

Video promotion is enormous for political campaigns. As you scroll through Social Media you’ll often see a fast and furious demo that teaches you how to do something before you even realize you’re being schooled. Hair braiding, quiche-making, sink unclogging—you name it. If there’s something to be taught or a message to be given, there’s a video in someone’s newsfeed.

Political Candidates can create short videos to engage voters and entice potential ones. You don’t need a studio budget or luxurious gear to film your big debut for your website, YouTube Channel or other social platforms. Just use your smartphone.

For the best video clips:

  • Keep your phone still and stable. Save the wobbly camera work for scary movies.
  • Find a quiet room to film in. You don’t want a recording full of confusing background noise.
  • You will need lots of light—you need more than you think—and make sure it shines straight on your subject, not from behind them.
  • Have a plan or script before you hit “record,” and rehearse what you want to say. You don’t need an award winning script, but you should have a good idea of what you want to film.

These videos are a wonderful way to get your message out and reach a wide audience. You can also capture voter testimonials and endorsements. Ask voters to send to record on camera so you can post it on your website and share on social.

Have fun with it, share your knowledge and it might just get you more votes, likes and shares than you can imagine.

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