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Your Message Matters

Jan 02, 2017

Your Message Matters

Political Campaign Message

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Political Campaign Message

The one thing we learned from the 2016 presidential election is that your message matters.  For example we all know what President-Elect Trump’s message was “Make America Great Again” his message struck a chord with the American voter, it was clear and  the voter understood the message and it was constant through the entire campaign. 

 On the other hand can anyone tell me what Hillary Clinton’s message was? She had several throughout her campaign. First it was Hillary, second it was Breaking every barrier, third: I’m with her, fourth: stronger together.  None of these slogans tells the voter what she is going to do for them; they don’t care about her, voters care about what she can do for them.  Remember it’s about what the candidate can do for the voters, not why the voters can do for the candidate.  It is always about the voter President Obama understood this concept very well and was able to make a connection with the voters with his slogan: “change we can believe in”.

The other thing we learned was that you just can’t copy what worked for the other candidate.   Voters want to know that you are going to offer something new and can see if you are insincere or faking it.  Just because it worked for Tom does not mean it’s going to work for you, be sincere and connect with voters and stand by your principles.

The takeaway is to make your message simple, about the votes and 10 words or less, something that resonates and sticks with the voter.  Be sincere and authentic, make contact with the voters, and let them know what you can do for them.   It’s about the voter!


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